Memorial Park & Scholarship Fund

The Memorial Park and Foundation are the result of a long quest by Charles Kratz, a World War II veteran, whose post-war business success enabled him to accomplish two goals. The first goal was to establish the Veterans Interment Project to assure that deceased veterans who served honorably are provided a dignified and appropriate final resting place, regardless of the branch of service or dates served. The Memorial Park provides grave sites and columbarium spaces amidst a unique arrangement of patriotic memorials and benches. The second goal was to provide annual funds to the 101st Airborne Division Association Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the Foundation and Scholarship Fundraising program is to provide support, encouragement and a better life for the noble men and women who upheld world peace and United States freedom.

You Can Help

All the Veterans need your help with any amount of donation, large or small, for our Veterans and legacy.

You are my heroes, Thanks! -
Charles E. Kratz

"When a person puts on a uniform, they make all kinds of sacrifices,
they know it may endanger their life, but they can stand tall,
look anyone in the eye and say 'I am a Veteran Band of Brothers'"